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Sound Bytes

707to B-707 "Fly By"
airforce USAF "Theme Song"
airland Aircraft Landing
airnuke "Bomb Drop"
airspeed Airspeed Command
alert Alert No. 1 Command
alertk2 Alert No. 2 Command
batlestn "Battle Stations" Command
baydoors "Houston Space Center" / Baydoors
bomb Aircraft Bomb Drop No. 1
bombdrop Aircraft Bomb Drop No. 2
clearnce From the movie "Airplane"
copter Helicopter Flying No. 1
copter2 Helicopter Flying No. 2
engstrt Warbird engine start - New Zealand
failure Failure Command
fb747 B-747 "Fly By"
fbhelo Helicopter Flyby No. 1
fbhelo2 Helicopter Flyby No. 2
fbprop Piston Aircraft "Fly By I"
fbprop2 Piston Aircraft "Fly By II"
fbprop3 Piston Aircraft "Fly By III"
flyby Piston Aircraft "Fly By IV"
flybyprp Piston Aircraft "Fly By V
go4launc "Houston Space Center" / Go For Launch
gpws Ground Proximity Warning Indicator
housprob "Houston Space Center" / We Got A Problem
intro Welcome to the "RealAudio"
jetland1 A Jet Landing
kmart For fun.......KMART shoppers!
leaves As only "Bogie" could say it......from "Casablanca"
missile3 Missile Launch.
plane Piston Aircraft "Fly By VI"
propstrt Piston Aircraft Engine Start
rocket1 Rocket launch
sboom Sonic boom
shutdown "Shutdown" Command
skyfcr Penny - "Flying Crown Ranch"
skyintr2 "Skyking" Intro - Long Version
skyintro "Skyking" Intro - Short Version
skyrso "Skyking" - Roger, Songbird Out
skysb2s "Skyking" - Songbird To Sheriff
strafe Aircraft Strafing Run
stuka Dive bombing Stuka
swoop Diving Aircraft
takeoff Aircraft Takeoff
tatoo "De Plane" - "De Plane!"
wow "Wow"
Jet Line

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